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The idea came to our founder, Kim Curtis, on a cross country RV trip when she drove her aging mother to visit her sick brother. Even though the two siblings had not seen each other in years, they immediately burst into playful laughter as if they were children again. As Kim watched her mother and uncle dance and sing, she realized how vital and fully engaged both had become. That moment was pure joy.

Kim discovered how those three simple words could inspire and empower people to lean in and focus on what matters most ... Happiness Doesn't Retire.

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What does your favorite Happiness Doesn’t Retire activity say about you?

We are inspired by your stories of joy, vitality and adventure. You remind us that the little things are often the big things, and that what we focus on expands. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook. Tag @happinessdoesntretire in your photos or use #happinessdoesntretire to be featured on our community page.

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